The Beautiful,
The Good,
The True.

Sacred Ministries

Romans 5:5 states, “For God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.”  The heart of God’s love permeates all existence, resonating throughout creation. God created man to receive His love, and send it back to Him in wave after wave of resounding praise.

The consecrated artist is endowed with a mission—to transmit the power of a love not his own.  His aim is to reverberate the love of God through the gifts of music he has been given. 

We can awaken from selfish and worldly ends only through awareness of the Beautiful, the Good, and the True.  Evoking awe, music rightly conceived and executed directs the heart upwards towards the Source of all Life: God Himself.

The Sovereign LORD of all is an Audience of One.  When the unending joy of God supremely fills our hearts, music becomes an aural offering of love, the embodiment of praise and thanksgiving reflected back to its Creator. 



Simone Weil (1909-1943) said, “To be always relevant you have to say things which are eternal.”  While avoiding the pitfalls of pragmatism, the modern pursuit of relevance, professionalism, and utilitarianism, Gaudete Ministries provides a passion for holiness and a profound embrace of the supremacy, sufficiency, and unrivaled glory of the LORD Jesus Christ.

Fr. Masterson of Gaudete Ministries


Within the depths of every human being there exists an insatiable longing for God.  Gaudete Ministries operates multiple ministries around the globe with the mission to evangelize the culture by presenting the beauty, goodness, and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.



Sacred Piano Concertss

Meet David Masterson, Pianist, a classical musician from Aberdeen, North Carolina who’s eager to express the true, the good, and the beautiful through the sacred classical music that his ministry uses to reach out to everyone.

Music is a universal language that people can use to express genuine emotions. Convinced that doing so enables spirits to take flight and soar to unreachable heights, David holds sacred piano concerts and releases sacred CD music.

David believes he’s been blessed to do what many aspire for but rarely achieve: perform music that nourishes the spirit, awakens the heart, and leads listeners down the path of spiritual transformation.

David performs classical and sacred music as an evangelistic outreach. Enthusiastically received by people of all ages, his concerts provide inspiration and enrichment in a variety of venues:  Churches and Schools, Overseas Mission Venues, Retirement Communities

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David broadcasts a weekly program entitled, “Exultation” on The Voice of Hope Radio.  This program is a combination of piano music and teaching—a blending of music and Scripture which will nourish your spirit and deepen your relationship with God.  The Voice of Hope Radio broadcasts to a potential of 190 million listeners in Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Cyprus, and Africa.  We consider it a great privilege to do outreach by radio, reaching people with the life-changing Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ! For information on how you may become a Monthly Radio Partner, contact us at (757) 416-8234 or e-mail:

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St. John’s Sanctuary – A Place for Quiet Retreat


Within the depths of every human being there exists an insatiable longing for God. The tragedy of our life lies in our constant temptation to lose the focus of that longing and to desire something less than God. The longing becomes twisted into a desire for power, pleasure, wealth and fame. Our hungry souls remain famished. Come away from the daily grind and be still. Enjoy a private retreat with spiritual nourishment through Scripture mediation in a quiet wildlife habitat away from the noise and hurry.

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   The Sijo Poor Girls Home 


Gaudete Ministries are also privileged to support 31 girls, ages 6-15, in the Sijo Poor Girls Home located in Polsanippilly in Andhra Pradesh, India.  This facility is operated by the godly nuns of Sisters of St. Joseph of Saint Marc (SJSM).   In India, baby girls are often abandoned and left to die.  The Sijo Poor Girls Home provides shelter, food, clothing, education, and biblical teaching for girls from very poor families,  who would otherwise perish or even be sold into sex slavery.  Gaudete desires to provide a life-changing opportunity for girls in India.  For information on how you may become a Monthly Sponsor of one of the girls from the Poor Girls Home, contact us at (757) 416-8234 or e-mail: