Gaudete Ministries Team

David Masterson

Leader & Pianist

Following academic preparation at Wheaton College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Marquette University, God called Fr. David as His ordained servant. For several decades he ministered as pastor, evangelist, and Navy chaplain. 

B.A., M.Div., Th.M., Ph.D.
Former Navy Chaplain
Music Ministry over 30 years





Rachele Masterson

Chief Extraordinaire

Rachele is the biggest fan of Gaudete!  She is David’s wife and best friend in ministry outreach.  Rachele is an extraordinary chef and homemaker, creating satisfying, nutritional meals and an atmosphere of peace wherever she goes.  She also serves as our Sound Engineer to record piano music and produce Voice of Hope radio broadcasts.  





Cole Freeman


Graduate of UNCG School of Music; Studied under Dr. Fabian Lopez, Internationally acclaimed violinist; String Pedagogy under Dr. Rebecca MacCleod; Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra; Recognized for his violin virtuosity; Sacred Music outreach in Japan; Home schooled in Christian family; Black Belt in Judo.





Beth Allen-Gardner


Graduated from UNC at Chapel Hill as a National Merit Scholar; Earned the Masters in Music from UNCG-Greensboro; Studied with Robert Wells, Professor Barbara Ann Peters and Dr. Jeanne Fischer; Master classes with Jill Gardner, Helmut Deutsch, Julius Drake, Kenneth Griffiths; Finalist in both the Bach Vocal Competition for American Singers and the Kentucky Bach Choir’s Audrey Rooney Vocal Competition; Soloist on National Public Radio and WWFM; Bel Canto Company, the Choral Society of Greensboro, UNCG Chamber Singers, UNC Chamber Singers.  Recognized for her expressive and technically virtuosic voice.







                                          What Is A Consecrated Artist?

In the beginning was the song of love.  It sang through the empty nothingness of space and reached out to touch the Father’s face.  “I love you, my Father,” cried the Son.  “I love you, my Son,” cried the Father.  “Go down and sing to fallen man the Ancient Star-song.”  “Father-Spirit, I will sing it until all hear the music of Your love.”

Webster defines consecrate as:  

“To set apart, dedicate, or devote, to the service and worship of God; as, to consecrate a church.”



What a consecrated artist is not. 

Musicians lacking an intentional God-ward focus become unwittingly tempted by personal vanity.  The creation and performance of music becomes about their ability to achieve artistic perfection rather than a personal sacrifice of excellent praise to their Creator.   Many musicians today seek the approval of the audience and the thrill of popularity—and not the praise and glory of God from whom come all gifts of music.

What a consecrated artist is. 

The consecrated artist is endowed with a mission—to transmit the power of a love not his own.  His aim is to reverberate the love of God through the gifts of music he has been given. 

We can awaken from selfish and worldly ends only through awareness of the Beautiful, the Good, and the True.  Evoking awe, music rightly conceived and executed directs the heart upwards towards the Source of all Life: God Himself.

 All people hunger for God; most are unaware that it is God they seek.  The consecrated artist seeks to proclaim the joy of God’s love to a world aching for Him.

 Sublime music lifts the veil at the horizon of the known, opening a sight of the Eternal and pointing the listener to the Creator of all music.

The Sovereign LORD of all is an Audience of One.  When the unending joy of God supremely fills our hearts, music becomes an aural offering of love, the embodiment of praise and thanksgiving reflected back to its Creator.